Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Vlogging the Hypercity - Jorge

Watch the video

This is Jorge explaining his utopian city map. He also created the music. The background images represent visual experience and places you would see in his utopia.


Liz said...

There are obviously many parallels to the utopian world Jorge envisions and where he and I currently live (New York City). Through Jorge's depiction of utopia I realize that 1.) ideally, New York City is fairly utopian in many ways for me. (Ideally) I have everything at my disposal and the choices for things to do, see, eat, etc. are limitless. However, 2.) I realize that, of course, NYC isn't utopian as not everyone has the ability to access all that the city has to offer, and often people don't have the choice to live in an urban environment..it's just what life has dealt them. What I appreciate most about Jorge's world is that there is choice in everything that he has created or recreated. He even speaks of there being a prison...so that people can "see what that's like." Living in a city with limitless options and opportunities...one forgets that without utopian values assigned to that city...not everyone has equal access and those opportunities and that city become merely dreams for many.

? said...

great music,4 did you make it yourself? it's a really cool project
great work